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What kind of Treatment?

The body can heal itself but sometimes it gets overwhelmed, confused, or stuck, and then it needs some help.  We must understand the problem and address the cause as well as the symptoms to facilitate complete healing.  Some of the tools I use to accomplish this are listed below.



a noninvasive technique that balances the brain and body in their reaction to all other energies and is used to eliminate allergies.  

the insertion of very fine needles into specific points located on meridians which circulate energy throughout the body, and treats the cause as well as the symptoms.

I believe that each of us is ultimately responsible for our health, and that it is influenced by the choices we make every day.  Greater awareness is vital to understanding what impacts these choices and helps direct us to optimize our well-being.  I am committed to honoring the whole person by working in partnership with you to nourish and promote the ability of the body-mind-spirit to heal itself.  If you would like to learn about and use any of these tools I would be happy to assist you in the healing process.  

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